Mary Colville (Nee Allen)


Mary sailed from Belfast on the SS Letitia, arriving in Quebec 29 April 1928 on a 3rd Class ticket, paid for by the “ESA” ?? Birth place given as Moneymore.

Her trade was quoted as Domestic and that was what she planned to work with in Canada. Destination was Canadian Woman’s Hostel, Toronto.

“Name, relationship and address of nearest relative in the country from which you came” was brother, Mr Sam Allen (my Grandfather).

The only other records I have found is that a baby was born to Mary and James Colville in 1935, but died soon after birth or perhaps was stillborn. Cause of death not recorded.

I have no records re marriage date to James Colville, nor confirmed death dates. This after a lot of searching (My guess is that the marriage date is somewhere between 1930 and 1935).  However previous research has given 2 sons born…. Allen Colville in 1935 and David Ross Colville in 1942 (Ross obviously for his grandmother Susanna Ross, married to Mary’s father Samuel)


Researching the name Colville I observe that it was a popular Scottish surname and I did discover that a James Colville 39 with wife Robina 38 and children Minnie 16, James 10 and infant Rubina sailed from Glasgow on the SS Hesperian, arriving  in Quebec 6 May 1912.

There is NO confirmation that this James 10 years old in 1912, 26 years old when Mary arrived in 1928 when she was 25, is the James that Mary eventually married.

Assumptions are made many times during family research. These then must be confirmed one way or another by persisting with different sources of information.  So if a confirmation can be had telling me that Mary’s James Colville had Scottish connections then my assumption is well on the way!!!

In February 2016, cousin Norman Bell supplied me with 2 death notices, confirming Marys death. She died Monday 28 October, 1974 at Queensway General Hospital and interred Thursday 31 Oct Westminster Memorial Park. Survived by grandchildren Brett, Tammy and Kelly Ann.

Des Allen  29 February 2016

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