New cousin family

In October 2018 I met a new full cousin on the Coulter side, Janet, her husband Denis and lovely daughter Mary. I had known about Janet via rumours over the years, but never really had confirmation until a meeting was arranged at cousin Myrtle’s home in October, 2018. This was a happy and emotional occasion.
Growing up in Clare, Cookstown, in the mid 1960’s I heard that my Uncle George Coulter (Geordie in the family!) had a girl friend, Josephine, who lived a few fields away from his home. (I recently discovered that they had been engaged). As a teenager cycling past the “Bacon Factory” regularly, to and from Cookstown, I noticed a child with Josephine, (known as Josie and had moved house) at their home, just across the road from the factory!
In later years I heard that this was Uncle Geordie’s daughter and that Josephine was a single Mum. The engagement to George ended. He went on to marry Molly from Coleraine. 
I was so happy to hear that my cousins, sisters Virginia and Myrtle had got in touch with this girl Janet. I visited Cookstown in October 2018 and to my delight a “get together” was planned at Myrtles home in Clare. Virginia couldn’t make it, however my sister Yvonne was present along with myself, Myrtle’s husband Ivor and Janet’s husband Denis with daughter Mary. Photos were exchanged and together with a lot of emotion a new member of our family was welcomed. This contact has grown and we are learning more and more about the “Janet/Denis” family as they are about ours! They have two sons, Barrie, recently married, Ryan and daughter Mary.

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