THE ALLEN CONNECTION EXPANDS                                                24 January 2017

On Friday past, 20th January I received an E mail from Dr Eric Allen, Allen DNA Project Administrator, Missouri, USA. In it he stated that he was working with an ALLEN from Nireland researching his ancestors!

At first I was sceptical. I answered cautiously! Within a few hours he sent me an extract from the 1911 Irish Census. It was this page of Census that I found so much information a few years ago, as I researched our ancestors. Without going into detail, there has been a lot to ”toing & froing” these past 4 days I can now confirm that I have found a missing link, which I have searched for, for a very long time.

Reminding you of this missing link!....

John b1836 & Eliza Allen b1834 were the parents of the 3 sisters and the 1 brother who emigrated to America in the late 1880's early 1890's and Samuel John, our line. There was one other brother Thomas, whom I couldn't account for....until this past week end! I will now try to explain our findings!

We have found ALLEN blood relatives in the Cookstown area and in other areas of NI….suspicions we’ve had over the years have now been confirmed!

Below is a part copy of the E mail in from Eric Allen a few days ago with my comments and info in Fat text

Hello Des,

Very nice to make contact with you. Here is the info of the man we are working with who stills lives in Northern Ireland

Paternal Grandfather

William John Allen (his father is Thomas Allen, son of John & Eliza, and brother of the 4 who emigrated!)

DOB: ABT 1907

Married Catherine Margaret (Pearl) Cahoon (which Cahoon could this be? I will research!)

3 Children

Thomas John 29th November 1935

Sarah Margaret (Sadie) 27th January 1939 - 17th September 2015

David John 16th March 1949 (this is the father of the person who is doing the family research, mentioned by Eric A above, and see families described below!)

DOD: 6th August 1956

Lived County Londonderry Townland of Tintagh (near Lissan)

After a few more E mails, the “Cookstown cousin” and I received a joint E mail from Eric Allen, introducing us to each other.

I have now been communicating with Trevor  Allen and his cousin Clairine Black (nee Allen), exchanging information….it really has been a hot line! This info has now been transcribed to the Family Tree on MY HERITAGE, under the "lost" line of Thomas Allen!! 

The late GLENN ALLEN was indeed a blood relative, which is something my late Dad always talked about, but could never prove!



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