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Findings over the past few weeks                                                                                          17 February 2017

Thanks too to Clairine Black (Allen) for her detailed info on the Killycurragh/Ballinasollus ALLEN'S....now transferred to the Family Tree!

Thanks to the new web site …www.irishgeneology.ie ….I have new facts relating to the end times of Samuel JOHN and Eliza Allen (Hartley)

I easily found Elizas death, which was accompanied with death information. Death date 28 September 1917. Present at death was her son THOMAS JAMES ALLEN, brother of the 4 emigrants to America in the 1890's. Cause of death was given as a malignant tumour of the liver. Thomas is Trevor/Clairine's line!

Finding Samuel JOHN'S last days was a little more difficult. I assumed he was still living at Tintagh. Could not trace him there. I searched for Samuel only, in County Londonderry....then John only, in same county....nothing!

Decided to try County Tyrone and found quite a few ALLEN'S. Suddenly my eye caught, in a long list, a JOHN ALLEN, Killycurragh, Cookstown. Can't be the Allen I'm looking for was my immediate reaction! I had found this detail a few years ago, but ignored it.

However a closer look showed me the name MAGGIE ALLEN being present at his death, 2 February 1919. Cause of death: old age and debility. It could be coincidence, so I decided to check another avenue and that was through Thomas's death.

The son and Maggie’s husband Thomas James, mentioned above, died on 23 April 1919, aged 37. I searched the Irish Geneology site and found Thomas James death, Killycurragh and MAGGIE ALLEN also present at his death. ”Common denominators”, Killycurragh and Maggie Allen

(A simple deduction must be that Samuel JOHN, after Elizas death, spent his final days with son Thomas and wife Maggie)

Further research has shown another tragedy. Thomas and Maggie had a son Samuel in 1914, but died the same year. According to the death registration the little boy had a debility from birth.

Thomas died of Pthesis (TB) and cardiac failure.

The First World War period 1914-19 was tragic for the THOMAS ALLEN family, Maggie in particular!

HARTLEY/HARKLEY....a lot of them in the Moneymore area egCarndaisy, Carradarragh, Carncose, Magherascullion, Mullaghboy, Quilly, Ballindrum, Gortanewry, Tullynagee....

Trying to trace more info on Bernard Hartley, Tullynagee/Quilly!

In the 1859 Griffiths Land Registry it is recorded that Bernard Hartley owned 12 acres of land in the townland of Tullynagee. My continued search for Bernard's birth, marriage and offspring has not given any result.

Using www.familysearch.org I discovered the death of Bernard Hartley (Barney in some records!), Eliza Allen's (nee Hartley) father. It showed his death date 8 December 1887 with Probate details. His assets were given as GBP 166:15s (to day ca GBP 20,000) and were inherited by his son Abraham, Elizas brother.

Further research on the new www.irishgeneology.ie site, re Abraham, gave me his birth date as 1841. He married Jane Meehan (dob 1837) on 27 May 1862. They had 6 children (one child death).

One of the children was Thomas James Hartley, Quilly, (between Moneymore and Desertmartin). It was Thomas, farmer, who registered Abrahams death in 1921, Gortanewry. After quite a few hours I have now traced 3 other children, Eliza Jane, Robert, Sarah and Lavina....just 3 more to find!

Thomas James Hartley (dob 1878) married Jane Barnes (dob 1882) from Tamnaskinney, the Parish of Kildress, outside Cookstown on 1 March 1911 at Cookstown Gospel Hall. Janes's father is given as John Barnes and witnesses were Robert Hartley and Lizzie Barnes.

Trevor has sent me a photograph of a gravestone from St Johns Churchyard giving the name John Barnes Hartley, died 2 October 1980.....his wife Mary Jane Hartley, died 20 December 2003. I would assume John Barnes Hartley to be a son from the above marriage, with the name Barnes included, from his mothers side?....therefore from the Abraham line!

ALSO discovered Alfred James Hartley dob 15 September 1913. Thomas James Hartley, Quilly is father and mother is Jane (nee Barnes), ie same family as above!

A guess that the Hartley's were of the Plymouth Brethern faith. There was a Gospel Hall at Quilly which I guess the Abraham Hartley family possibly attended, and the above marriage in Cookstown Gospel Hall!?

To day there is an Alfie Hartley living in Quilly, born 1954! Alfred above is either grandfather or great uncle to the present Alfie!

Another one of Abraham's offspring, Sarah dob 1873 married John Hazelton dob 1867 from Bangor, in 1895. Thanks to the MY HERITAGE ”Smart matching” system I found them in the 1901 Irish Census living in Scotch St, Armagh. I then found through this matching system that they had emigrated to America in 1903, and the US Federal Census shows them living in Delmar, Tioga, Pennsylvania, with their children Robert, Sarah, Jennie, Hillie and Grace. On the US Fed Census of 1920 they are residing in Bergen, New Jersey. His occupation is farmer on all records.

Have also discovered:

….a Robert Hartley, death date 3 December 1904 (can't be the above marriage witness!), 45 years old, dob abt 1859 Gortanewry, same townland as Abraham Hartley. Present at Robert’s death was brother James....Abraham's offspring? (Ab. was married 1862)

….a Sarah Hartley, dob 1873, Abraham cited as father, married John Hazelton, Bangor dob 1867

….a Joseph (1813-93) and Nancy Hartley (1831-1906), married 1850. Their son James present at both deaths. The 1901 Irish Census shows Nancy living with James at Goranewry. Robert (death, see above) was also recorded in the home that day.

Could Joseph be Bernard’s brother?

….a John Craigen (Creggan) Ballindrum, married a widow Margaret Fields, who had been married to a Hartley. The Craigen marriage is dated 29 July, 1899….his father noted as James Craigen, Crossnarea. Margaret’s father noted as Andrew Fields.

John Craigen and Margaret had a daughter Mary Ethyl dob 2 January 1902 and a son James Craigen, Ballindrum, born 1907.

My Dad was friendly with a James Craigen from Ballindrum during his working days in Fisher's. Jimmy Craigen was Fisher's Accountant! How small is this world getting! If only I could ask Dad if he knew anything about Jimmy Craigens mother!

Cannot confirm that this Hartley is connected to Bernard/Abraham

ALSO….Discovered a Samuel Hartley born 5 March 1895, father John and mother Margaret (nee Fields). This Margaret is described above....

Research on Abraham's other offspring ongoing....other Hartley's also being followed up!

Another aspect for research is to try and link the name Hartley in Aunt Ethel´s family lineage to the Bernard Hartley line. Ethel's great grandmother was Annie Jane Hartley daughter of a Samuel Hartley. She married John Murphy (dob 1845) in 1872.

For sake of identification we’ll call these the “Carndaisy” Hartleys!

Let’s call the Bernard /Abraham Hartley line the Quilly Hartleys!... IS THERE A CONNECTION between the Carndaisy and the Quilly Hartleys. Research at the moment does NOT show any connection!

This is NOT the Samuel Hartley I have been searching for....I'm looking for Samuel Hartley, who had a daughter Annie Jane Hartley, who married John Murphy 1845. They had seven children. One of them, Margaret (1896-1949) married Harry Boyce (1888-1963), my Aunt Ethel's father!  The name ETHEL is mentioned as ETHYL above, the offspring from John Craigen and Margaret Craigen (nee Fields, once married to John Hartley). These are the “Carndaisy” Hartley’s

(Have also discovered HARTLEY'S in County Cavan, one of whom was a flax grower, in records dated 1796, ”Flax Growers in Ireland”. This man was named Abraham Hartley. Bernard's son was also named Abraham, dob 1842! Could this mean that Bernard’s descendants were from Cavan and moved to Quilly/Tullynagee. Most probably coincidence, but will research this as much as possible!)

Maybe I have wandered a lot in this research and perhaps outside of our direct family lineage, but it has given incentive to find more details on Bernard Hartley. Help if you can!//   des

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